Instructions for Adobe® InDesign®

Adobe® InDesign® is the most popular application for creating designs for print. We've tried to sum up the most important technical details that you need to know to create a print ready PDF.

New Document

If you are creating a single or double sided job (1 or 2 pages) untick "Facing Pages". If you are creating a product with more than 2 pages, leave it ticked.

Set Margins to desired value. We recommend at least 4 mm for small products (like business cards), and 8 mm if you are creating something with borders or many pages, see the guide Trim, Bleed & Margin for more information.

Set Bleeds to 3 mm, leave Slug at 0 mm and click OK!

Can't see "Bleed and Slug"? Click the "More/Fewer Options" button to the right.

New Document dialogue


When placing objects near the trim line, ensure to drag them all the way to the bleed area...

Export PDF

Choose "File -> Export..." and give your PDF-file a name. We recommend you use only numbers "0-9", underscores "_" and lower case letters "a-z" since all other characters in the filename will be removed when you upload the file.

In the Export Adobe PDF dialogue, choose the "PDF/X-3:2002" preset from Adobe PDF Preset.

Make sure "Spreads" is not ticked (it's only good for viewing, not printing PDFs)!

Now click "Marks and Bleeds" in the menu to the left.

Uncheck everything but Crop Marks in Marks. Set Offset to 3 mm (default is 2.117 mm or 6 points, the default for USA).

Tick the "Use Document Bleed Settings" (at the same time making sure that the Document Bleed Settings are in fact 3 mm).

Click "Export" and you're done!

Export PDF dialogue